CATAPLEXY biography

The year was 1991 when Sadis Gordinn
realized his vision of putting together
a band that would create the most
infernal and dark and cold sound ever.
That time was a DEATH METAL band.
( Influenced AUTOPSY and NIHILIST )

In 1993,
CATAPLEXY released their first Demo : "PHENOMENON",
which sold around 300 copies in the underground scene.

In dark winter night 1994,
their was born Second demo : "Teardrops veiled black desire"
The band style was changed from this demo.
It became a sound more evil,
more fast, more darkness, than before.

However, CATAPLEXY became silent for a while...

In 2000,
CATAPLEXY was reborn through hate.

after the gathered 5 blasphemous spirit,
BLACK METAL TOUR was performed together
with SABBAT in 2002.

In 2003,
CATAPLEXY released their first CD : "FIELDS OF THE UNLIGHT"

In 2008,
CATAPLEXY released 1st album : "... Lunar Eclipse, Chaos to the Ruin ..."

CATAPLEXY signs with twilight-vertrieb

In 2012,
CATAPLEXY released 2nd album : "devangelight"